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No Kids Allowed!

Been too long, but I’m back to roast some more stupid/selfish/entitled/and all the rest parents here online.

Topic for today is going to be businesses that ban kids. I know, what a dream. If only more places were doing the same. Surprisingly, many people are in favour of this, including a lot of parents to give them their due. But of course, there are the butthurt parents whose lives obviously revolve around their kids and they are unable to do a damn thing without them.

Lets start the madness…

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Ah, “kids will be kids”. The tired old cliche said by parents who can’t control their sproglings. Kids are a “huge part of this world”, well no. No more than any other human or animal. Perhaps in YOUR world, but not the one everyone else lives in. Also, nobody cares about your spawn. Also, I think the business will be just fine…




Nobody cares, A! I honestly don’t think you and your brood not attending anymore and not recommending it to your two mummy friends will matter to the business concerned.



I thought that was love?! Or money?? I certainly never heard the phrase “kids make the world go round”. That’s a new one on me, P.  I’m sure these people “was” not always quiet, no. But I would imagine their parents knew how to deal with them if they were being noisy or disruptive, and they probably learned not to be that way. Something a lot of parents today won’t do for their own kids.



Well, no shit Sherlock! I’m learning so much here. Kids are disruptive because they are kids. But you see, L, there is this thing called “parenting”, and another thing called “discipline”. If you own a dictionary, please look these two things up, and then practice them with your own heathens.

And I can only go by my own experience of adults eating out – and if you’re asking why adults sit and eat their dinner, quietly talking and not disturbing others, then I can only say they were raised well.



Pretty sure it’s spelled “Chuck E Cheese” for one thing.  That goofy little redhead from The Rugrats has nothing to do with it. And I’m not sure from your incoherent sentence, but I think you’re saying adults without a child shouldn’t be allowed in places where there are kids because anyone without a kid is a possible child abductor… and my response to that is FUCK YOU!!!



“Bratty days”? No. If you’re a good parent and not a waste of space, you snap them out of that as soon as they try to throw their first screaming fit. If they try to do it in a restaurant, you pick them up and leave! Learn how to raise kids properly!



Just one word to say here… WEIRDO!!!



Woah, slow down there sweetcheeks!! So now it’s only “the left” who don’t want to deal with bratty, unruly sprogs? Oh dear, if you met me you’d have to re-think your whole life!!



You say “noise and distraction”… what are your kids doing in these public places? Because you sound like a fucking awful parent. I bet you’re one of those who lets them do what the hell they want, scream, shout, run up and down, climb up and jump off everything, go up to people wanting to sit quietly. I’m not going to “stat” at home just because you have no idea how to raise decent kids. Step up your game, or you’ll get a lot of people telling you and your brats what they think of you!



Did… did this idiot just liken banning screaming brats from a restaurant to banning black people?? I can’t… I haven’t even got words for this!!!



Awww… poor mama with no life. Let me answer you, sweetheart… YES!!! Shove a microwave meal in and eat it in front of the 6 O’clock News. You’re welcome.



The erm “moaning adults” are not causing a scene, giving patrons a headache and ruining peoples’ evenings. Take your screaming brats and fuck off home.



Oh well that’s okay then! This bint’s kids apparently behave okay, so just let all kids in, regardless of whether they’re feral or not. Shut up, Carol, nobody but you cares about your kids.



A few sandwiches short of a picnic, this one. Ban all customers! What a great business strategy. So shrewd!



Okay, where is this restaurant? I don’t even like eating out, but I would go there just to give them my money. What makes me laugh is that these places that don’t allow kids are SO few and far between. Mama can take her crotch goblins somewhere else in the same street, just not this place. Get over it, you stupid hormonal woman.



Oh dear God!!! Okay, seeing as this is the second post of this kind that I’ve seen, I will humour this person and explain; No LGBT and No Blacks is banning people on superficial reasons such as the people they choose to date or have sex with, or how much melanin they have. No KIDS is banning people who are often loud, badly behaved, undisciplined and feral. Do you see the difference here? One has a direct impact on the dining experience for everyone around them. Two of them don’t. It’s not rocket science!



HAVE you though? If that’s the case, you’re going to places that no kid should be in anyway. If adults are getting that pissed, you’re no doubt in a bar or club. Personally, I just avoid very drunk adults, just walk away. You can’t avoid badly behaved kids and their shrieking. I know which I’d prefer to encounter!



Haha…ha… That’s, really funny, M. Would you prefer they’re referred to as sprogs? No? Crotch Fruit? What do you mean, that’s derogatory? Erm, BRATS? HEY, SUSAN. COME ON… CALM DOWN!!!!



Oh NO!!! This business have really fucked up. R and his family and friends won’t be eating there anymore because of this terrible decision to stop allowing kids. I mean, I don’t really see a future for them if R and co are not going to be going there anymore. They just didn’t think it through, but maybe it’s not too late. If they reverse this decision, allow kids again and send a personal apology to R, just MAYBE he and his friends will start eating there again. Here’s hoping. Because that was a very poor business decision!



C… I wonder what that stands for…



Yeah, I was right. The rest of that word is UNT!!! Keep your nasty little snot-nosed five year old away from me or this fork is going right up your… *and breathe*



Can barely decipher this mess of a comment.  But no R, I’m not ashamed in the slightest. Cats? Give me ALL the cats. Sprogs? NO, KEEP THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!


Well it’s the newspaper’s job to report the news, so I’m not sure why you were amazed at it. “All restaurants allow kids”… oh sweetie, NO! Haha. You have a lot to learn. It’s cute that we have another person here so concerned about a business’s decision, it’s selfless and adorable of them to care so much and this parent actually wishes them good luck. Very sporting of her. However, she’s spread the word to her three mummy friends and they are as “amazed” as she is and won’t be back there. Her family has also erased it from their minds (I wish this bint would do the same). With these tens of people not going back there, I can only pray for this restaurant’s future!




Finally, here is S who certainly got in her feelings about this ban on children. It’s almost as if she has no life and this has affected her SO much that she had to write an essay about it. It includes gems such as bashing the elderly, “you were kids once too” and “if you don’t like crying kids, don’t go there”… she also thinks it doesn’t just take a village to raise a sprog, but a freakin’ TRIBE! Fuck outta here with that. I’m not part of anyone’s village and I’m certainly not getting involved with your TRIBE!

Of course, we finish with the old “our kids will be looking after you in a Nursing Home” on day bullshit. Probably not, seeing as a) I’m not going to live to be old, it’s just obvious, and b) Your kids will probably end up on welfare, that’s the future most people are heading for the way the population keeps growing.

But yeah, nice essay, mama. Don’t you need to get back to the “hardest job in the world” now though?


I can’t take anymore of these insane morons – so it’s over and out for now peeps. Toodles…

Parent Parking – The Entitlement

I wanted to cover something different today.  And then it dawned on me… parent parking! Parents get militant over those COURTESY parking spaces, claiming they can’t park in regular spaces because they need the room for their baby crap… sorry, their prams and car seats and to haul the potato in and out. Seems like leaving it with a babysitter is the best alternative, but whatever…

There is also a trend in particularly selfish parents thinking that their spaces should be protected in the way that disabled spaces are. And nothing other than their attitude to pets gets me quite as riled up!! The entitlement is quite astonishing.

So, I found the perfect post to trawl for comments – there were over a thousand so I had to pick just the best ones. I will add that there were plenty of sane, rational parents commenting who were rightly ripping this woman and those who supported her a new one. But then there were the others…

Here is the main post (which should be titled “ABUSING DISABLED SPOTS) but okay.

What I read here is; “WAH, I had a baby that was something I chose to do, and WAH I had a c-section so I’ve got a few issues now, WAH, and I decided I would diagnose myself as “disabled” and park in a disabled space instead of waiting a few minutes for a normal space, because WAH I am suffering you guys. And then this horrible Parking Attendant gave me a parking ticket and wouldn’t listen to my sob story and let me off. Me, a tired mama with some post c-section problems who let herself run out of nappies and parked somewhere that someone who has no use of their LEGS might have needed! WAH WAH, mean old man. I’m so fuming. How could he do this to a mama just doing her best? I’m a paying customer. I bet if he had to give birth he’d have not cared about doing his job properly and waived that ticket! WAH! Give me validation fellow parents!”

Yeah, it makes me pretty mad! Not least because my own mother should have a blue badge (what you need in the UK to park in disabled bays) but she can’t get one even though she has metalwork holding her spine together and sometimes can’t even feel her legs. Yet she would never park in a disabled space, she won’t even park in a parent and child space, though I’ve urged her to on her bad days. She’s too nice! I wouldn’t be though!

Anyway, lets take a look at the most ridiculous, hateful and downright entitled comments to this poor little mummy!


First of all, punctuation. Second, you’re not doing connect the dots here, you’re trying to construct a paragraph, key word TRYING! So mama here thinks that because the disabled can park in the parent bays, the parents should be able to park in disabled bays. Dear God woman, you don’t see who has the greater need here? Sadly, she really doesn’t, and she’s not the only one who has an issue with things not being equal between those who chose to have kids, and those who didn’t choose to have a disability.


Translation: “I can’t believe so many parents think disabled people need their spaces and this bitch shouldn’t have parked in one of them”. Well thank God so many did. And there it is again; “why should disabled people be able to use parent bays?” Bitch are you serious? THEY HAVE A DISABILITY – YOU JUST CHOSE TO GIVE BIRTH! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CORRELATION!!! NOT NOW, NOT EVER! Also, please don’t try to home-school. You can’t spell!


She can FEEL whatever way she likes. As the reply says, SHE IS NOT DISABLED! If she goes to her doctor, maybe she can get a temporary disability pass – I’m not sure how that works but I know its a thing. Also, nobody with a disability badge “abuses” disabled parking. They can park there legally whenever the hell they want! If this woman’s symptoms are not bad enough for her to try to get a temporary badge, then she does not get to park in the disabled spaces. End of indeed!!


I actually didn’t know this about a specified quota. So this shuts down so many parents gripes about “there’s so many disabled spaces and they’re always mostly empty, and only a few parent spaces”. Perhaps thats because you not getting next to the store with little Johnny is not a big deal, just head to the back of the car park and voila, you’ll have lots of room around you to get out all your baby crap. If the disabled person couldn’t find a disabled parking space, they would have to go home because they wouldn’t be able to get from their car to the store. THINK about it, parents! Take off your “Entitlement Glasses” and see it for what it is!


Would you, “hun”? Well you’d have no leg to stand on, and neither does your new little mama friend here. She broke the law parking in that space and she’s been fined. It’s as simple as that. And these other people who “take the mick” using disabled spaces will also be fined if they have no badge and are caught. If someone without a kid uses a parent and child space, they will not be fined, because they are just a courtesy by the individual store to pander to the people who attend – and so spend – most! They’re not trying to help you, they just want your money.


One of my favourites of all the comments. This piece of work is trying to equate someone without a buggy using a lift in a store to someone parking in a disabled parking space when she’s not disabled! It beggars belief. But I have read parents expressing annoyance at people who have no obvious, glaring need for a lift (elevator) using one when they are there with a pram or buggy! (And no, wheelchairs are never mentioned and only was here because she was trying to seem inclusive, when she only really cares about parents). Don’t even get me started on this, because there are so many people with disabilities that are not always obviously visible. And y’know what? There are people who just think “sod it, I’ll use the lift” because fuck the stairs, and that is absolutely okay too. Parents just think they have a monopoly on everything, the world revolves around them, and everyone must think of them and their needs 24/7. But I’m sorry, nobody should be expecting that, because life is not like that! Get over it.


WOAH, not SHAKING YOUR HEAD IN DISGUST! I’m sure she was quaking in her boots, Boss Mama. This one must’ve been particularly sleep deprived, because to do this to someone and not realise afterwards what an unnecessary BITCH she’d been is the act of someone slightly deranged. I can just picture this crazy-eyed bitch with dried baby shit on her shirt, peering round a wall watching the trouble she’d caused and grinning an evil grin, happy that contented childfree smart bitch had got what was coming to her. Absolutely. Mental!


Pleased with yourself that you had a go at a disabled person? While I see that this was an awkward situation, it didn’t warrant her reaction. It’s possible he didn’t see that those were the parent spaces and behind were the disabled. Or it could be that as the parent spaces were closer to the store he needed to park there. I’ve seen this in some car parks and it’s disgusting! Disabled spaces should always be closest to the store, not parent spaces. All she needed to do was correct him, and if he persisted, say “I can’t park in a disabled space, it’s against the law”, and then wind the window up and carry on parking. She dealt with this ALL wrong.


Firstly, the guy in the convertible was trying to wind up some mummies – and it worked. Good for him! Sorry, not sorry. Secondly, look I know that parents hate old people. Not sure what it’s all about, something to do with the fact that they are vulnerable just like kids and they feel little Jayden and Nevaeh have to compete with them for special attention. That’s my theory anyway. But I’m here to tell you that NO, old people should NOT have the same treatment. That elderly couple no doubt need to be near the store more than you do – old bones, aches and pains, difficulty mobilising, and not necessarily able to get a disabled badge. If they are parking in parent spaces, look the other way and let them carry on! If all you need is extra space, go park at the back of the car park. Got it!??


What the fuck can you say to this? The woman is mental, has too much time to kill and needs a fucking hobby! I thought raising a sprog was the “hardest job in the world”, apparently not if she has time for all this nonsense! Also, how the hell did she know the taxi driver was foreign if he was just sat in his car? Sounds like this isn’t the entire story we’re getting here. Honey, GET A DAMN LIFE!!!


Only time I’ve felt moved to put a note on someone’s windscreen is when they helped themselves to parking in my drive and then buggered off somewhere, not returning until hours later. I saw them return, read the note, laugh, screw it up and throw it. Totally unphased. Sweetheart, don’t you know that’s what the owner of that car would’ve done? In fact, it would’ve made their day that they’d pissed a parent off. You’re definitely right that your insults need work! “Those are interesting looking children, what are their names?” Why don’t you just camp out next to parent & child parking, insult anyone who dares park there without a kid in tow, and you’ll soon brush up on your insults. I’m sure you’ll have a ball too by the sound of it! Oh and also, four kids is two too many! You’re welcome.


Ooor… how about mama makes sure she doesn’t run out of damn nappies? It’s just a thought. Plan things better, and then you won’t run out of such a necessary item for your poor kid! I mean, really? Running out of nappies? Completely?? How long had little Brayden been in that same nappy before you got your arse out of the house and to the store? Why didn’t you go to a smaller local store? Why did you procreate?  Oops, sorry, that one slipped out. lol We’re not oblivious sweetheart, we just care more about disabled people than some frazzled mama who shouldn’t even have been driving yet who had let herself run out of shit rags.

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My first thought was that perhaps there were no disabled spaces available when this person had arrived. The other possibility is that the parent bays were closer to the store, and if that’s true then fuck you, you will find disabled people parking in your spaces. If you have issues with that, take it up with the store that they need to put the disabled spaces nearer the entrance.  And again with trying to equate parents with the disabled. Damn RIGHT you’ll be fined if you park in a disabled bay. These people clearly don’t know anyone with a disability AND have zero empathy!


F U C K  Y O U!!!! An old disabled couple parked as near to the store as they could get, and you have a problem with it because they didn’t have some brat with them? “Rules are for all of us”, yes bitch they are, but if someone doesn’t start out on equal footing to you, then they get some extra allowances or yes “special treatment”. In this case, disabled people CAN park in the parent bays, but no you CANNOT park in disabled bays. If you can’t work out that that is totally fair then you are a bitch and had no place passing on your DNA.


Oh you would OF, would you? You sound like a total chav sweetie. This “dickhead” (no need to censor, we’re all adults here darling” was doing his job properly. If he has a problem with any people, then it’s people who park in spaces meant for individuals with real disabilities. And who can blame him? I have learnt today that car parks have to have a certain number of disabled spaces, so you can cry about that all you want but it will never change so I suggest you get over it. Perhaps they’re there because ensuring disabled people always get a space in their allocated parking is way more important than Susan getting a place so she can get baby Kale out of the car and in again.


“I’m going to make assumptions that paint you to be holier than thou because MAMA SOLIDARITY! I’m going to say she would still have used that last disabled space, because she was “ONLY 10 MINUTES”, what would it matter if a wheelchair user had to go home whilst she was in there because they couldn’t park!? Fuck ’em, amirite? Not really sure what “use a different supermarket” is for. Do you think a different supermarket will have a different approach to abuse of their disabled parking bays? Because I’m here to tell you… they won’t!


First, it’s ONE WOMAN! Yes, for the love of ASDA carparks, DISABLED PEOPLE CAN AND WILL PARK IN PARENT SPACES! GET THE FUCK OVER IT! Dump your brood off with a babysitter, and go do the shopping alone. Why the hell do parents take the whole family with them when they go food shopping anyway? I’m always seeing them, like some family outing to Sainsburys. Kids screaming, running around, having meltdowns, getting under peoples’ feet. Leave them with a neighbour. It’ll help everyone else, and you’ll have no problems with the parking. See? I found you a solution that hurts nobody.


I am losing the will to live! Do you see the mentality here? They honestly think they are on a level with people who have no use of their legs!? They sound like their own precious toddlers having a tantrum! “It’s NOT FAIR. They can use ours, but we can’t use THEIRS!” Sulk sulk “They have a BADGE, and we DON’T!” pout pout. And not a clue how gross and entitled they sound. Absolutely oblivious!

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Yeah, obviously a jobsworth. I mean, doing his job and shit… who does he think he is? Name and shame that supermarket, how dare they protect the parking bays that are meant for people who are less able bodied than most!? In fact, y’know what? Name the supermarket… if it stops some entitled parents going there, that’s just a win for everyone else!


Here comes that competition again – “WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE PARKING IN PARENT SPACES?” If this woman was SO bad off, she should not have been driving, it’s that simple. She should have visited her GP and got some kind of temporary disability badge, and she should’ve got a neighbour to go and get her nappies. Hell, I don’t even like kids and if there was a new mum alone, in pain and desperately needing nappies, I’d go and get them for her. Most people would. Nothing you say, no way you try to “shame” other commenters for their outrage will make what she did okay. She needs to think about it when she has a clearer head and hopefully she will see she was in the wrong and has no right to be “fuming” at all.


This was an interesting exchange – S thought that parent and disabled parking should be all together, and whoever gets a space, gets a space. Whoever doesn’t, fuck them. Who is least likely to get a space? I think we all know. Here S doubles down on her fuckery and says one of the most disgusting, vile things in the whole thread – “What makes disabled people more worthy than someone with a baby?” I just… there’s nothing you can say to this. It’s just mind boggling. I’m so tempted to share her name here, but I have to keep people anonymous where possible. I’m truly disgusted though!!


No luv, no! Just NO!!!!!

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YOU make me mad. The pair of you nasty old hags. Squeeze a kid or three out and think you have more rights than anyone else, including the disabled and the elderly. And yes, YES it’s different! They are disabled people parking in your fucking courtesy spaces. Not an able bodied bitch who chose to have a kid parking in a space reserved for people who are not able bodied. FUCK OFF!!

And before I explode, I will end it there. There were so many comments, and more like these. But you get the gist. If you’re a parent, you deserve the same rights as the disabled, the elderly are just nuisances to be rude to and everyone should put you first.

I will spontaneously combust soon, so I will bid you farewell until the next collection of parental shit!!

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Demonic Child Screams for 8 HOURS on a Lufthansa Flight – the reactions

This story broke in the last couple of weeks;

Demonic Child

If you listen to the roughly 4min video, you’ll see why he was called “demonic”, it truly sounds like he’s possessed. A man recorded it because I guess what else was there left to do? The meltdown started at the boarding gate, the “mum” already had to talk the airport staff into letting them ON the flight, saying he’ll be okay once they’re off. Before they even took off, she was asking if there was wifi yet, so her brat could have his i-Pad. Sounds like sterling parenting here. She clearly couldn’t handle him, and she barely even tried.

I want to look at some responses to this story – basically most people, even most parents, were like “shut your kid up, even if he’s special needs it’s no excuse, you need to know how to calm him down”. But then there were the OTHER people, and most were parents… lets take a look;


SO, because I don’t have kids, I don’t get an opinion on a brat screeching and running riot throughout a plane for EIGHT FUCKING HOURS? No, sorry luv, that isn’t how it works. And yes, I was a kid once, what a boring cliche! One off the bingo card! What exactly does that prove? I never screamed for eight hours straight! I will NOT be helping any mother and being told to fuck off and stop telling her how to parent her kid. And I don’t care how the mother feels – how about how the other passengers feel? Tired, stressed, maybe a nervous flier finding it even harder with that screeching going on, someone who is ill, another flying out somewhere because a relative died – that mother and her screaming demon are not the only two on that flight! And noise cancelling headphones?? Did you even listen to that video?



Yes of course he’s “on the spectrum” – be prepared for many more posts saying this – so what? I don’t want to be subjected to your noisy kid for 8 hours stuck thousands of feet in the air in a tin can. If he is on the damn spectrum, don’t bring him on an 8 hour flight! Where was his mother’s compassion for the other passengers?



That kid is grinning as he climbs on seats, runs up and down the aisles and makes indiscriminate noise for hours on end. He is not struggling in any way at all, there is no crying going on. If the mum feels any type of way about all the comments, then she should realise it was her own fault for bringing him on a long flight! Make better choices next time, mama.




What? Walk me through this. He screamed for eight hours because he’s adopted? He screamed for eight hours because he was being trafficked? That’s the best one! Well he was four years fucking old, couldn’t he have just yelled out “HELP, THAT’S NOT MY MUM”?

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How he did what? Whatever you mean; No, no it’s not!! Social media whores upload pics and vids of their sprogs naked in the pool, in the tub, sitting on potties, etc, and that’s all good? A guy records a video of a demon child screeching a on a plane for 8 hours and happens to get it’s face on camera a couple of times – mostly the camera is aimed at the back of the seat in front of him just recording the sound – and that is apparently “upsetting”? Miss me with those double standards, A. And, the word “demonic” is apt, listen to it. He literally sounds like the devil is trying to communicate through him!!!



Bor-ing… don’t parents know any other lines? Same old tired crap; “you won’t know until you have kids”, “you were a kid too once” YAWN!

“Spare a thought for the stressful parents day in day out, especially on  a long haul flight”

Lets look at this terrible sentence! 1/ Looks like it was only the mother, and yes it was very stressful that she did next to nothing to quiet her brat. 2/ Day in day out, on a long haul flight? It didn’t last several days. 3/ It wasn’t long-haul, 8 hours is not all that long when you consider some flights are 24 hours long. But I bet those 8 hours felt like 8 weeks to those poor passengers.

Yes I was a kid once, thanks for the second cliche in this comment, and no I did not fucking behave like that!! My parents would not have stood for it. They actually disciplined me and nipped bad behaviour in the bud.

Yeah, I can think of somewhere they could go – there’s emergency doors, right?

Image result for kicked out of plane gif



Yeah, coz that will drown out 8 hours of non stop demonic screaming!! It was eight hours, but okay. And no, he sounded fucking demonic!



There was ONE kid!! I don’t think many are demonic like this one, even if I don’t like them and would cringe if one headed my way on a plane. Darling, I don’t give a shit what that kid was thinking. I would’ve been ready to throw him out the door after ONE hour of his shit.



Yep, this went wordlwide, this is from a piece in an Australian paper. S, you weren’t there. He was demonic. And nobody cares what the mum goes through, she needs to learn how to control him. Simple as that.



Good GRACIOUS! N is practically beside herself here. Yes bloody SEDATE THE KID! Not talking Marijuana, just some Benadryl, make it easier on him as well as all the other poor passengers who PAID for that flight. I love how N then goes on to make all sorts of assumptions so the situation fits what she wants it to be. The mother probably never experienced this before, was probably trying to avoid flying but had to, he’s autistic (even though there is no mention anywhere of him having autism or ADHD). Then M swoops in and says those passengers, with their ears ringing and their blood pressures sky high (pun intended) were supposed to “think of the parents”. Erm, how about NO!??



He’s CLEARLY  special needs kid. Really? Probably just a badly behaved brat. But if he WAS special needs, the mother should have a way of dealing with situations like that. If she hasn’t, she shouln’t be bringing him on a plane. Selfish woman. I’m glad that person filmed this, gets us all discussing discipline again! Some parents need to us it!



Where was bitch mother’s empathy for everyone else?



Eight hours is not long..? Very annoying?? Why don’t you go fuck yourself with a cactus, J? All the empathy is for this brat and it’s mother. Why don’t you think of everyone else? Could be ill people, nervous fliers, people with sensory disturbance, even other kids or babies this could be really distressing for, but no. Gotta think of mum. Who says she has no other choice? You know her, do you? There is no reason on earth to take a child who clearly hasn’t the ability to behave on any flight, let alone one longer than one or two hours. Drive or something. I don’t care. Just don’t get on a plane!



They are passengers who paid to fly somewhere, not bloody babysitters! If the mother can’t cope, it’s not up to other people to parent the kid. Though if someone wanted to give him a whack I wouldn’t be against that.



OMGosh?? I would imagine not! Would anyone want to get involved in that mess? What would he do? Put his hands on the child to stop it running around and then get legal action taken against him for being a “paedo”? Cover it’s mouth with masking tape? Hug the mum and be accused of sexual assault? I hope he’s recognised too – want to thank him for this free dose of birth control!

Also, “the guy that spent 8hrs filming this”?? You do realise it’s a four min video sectioned up to say “hour 1”, “hour 2” etc? I bet you didn’t even watch it.



Really? Do you think this guy would have been able to keep on recording for eight hours? Lets be real here. Why would he bother making it up? Also; 1/ Ear plugs would have done fuck all, listen to the video, and 2/ It’s a child… verbally attack a fkn toddler” So make up your mind? Which do you think it is? Last time I checked, four years old was not toddler-age.



More cliches. There are actually MANY parents calling this behaviour out, so you might want to re-think that line. Also R, stop acting so superior. I bet if you were on that plane for eight hours, you’d want to fucking kill this brat and his useless mother.  How would you feel if your precious kids were getting distressed by it? Hmmm??



That’s deep, man. Seems like this kid’s mother remembered her i-Pad and forgot her compassion. We’ve thrown stress at the mother have we? Good! Perhaps she’ll work out how to parent her brat. Perhaps she’ll learn how to deal with his outbursts if he IS “on the spectrum”. But, the best thing that could happen from this is that she never takes that creature on a plane again!! Why take the chance?

I have plenty of empathy, but not for a woman who could’ve taken steps to prevent putting a lot of people who paid to be where they are under unbelievable pressure! Having to deal with 8 hours of her demonic kid, and the most she did was say “stop it, honey”! Sorry but no, there’s no empathy for her!



Actually, plenty of the people commenting that I saw were parents of special needs kids, so yeah, you’re wrong! I don’t care about their situation, and I certainly wouldn’t if I’d been on that plane! They are SO lucky nobody reached their last nerve and lashed out at her or that thing. And “MINOR IRRITATION”? Are you fucking kidding me? Why don’t YOU think about the different scenarios that the rest of the passengers could’ve been in? Shove your “minor irritation” bullshit up your fat arse!

As for your kid’s phobia – I suggest you get him some help! THAT would be a minor irritation, but your kid crying on the way to the toilet is hardly the same as a child screaming the plane down for eight hours solid!



The parents answering this were not so sure! lol  So this person clearly knows nothing. She shouldn’t have been flying with this kid, that’s all there is to it. I don’t care why she was doing so! Find another way or don’t go. I mean, if you want to think of them, can’t you see it’s probably pretty cruel to the kid. He obviously couldn’t handle it, for whatever reason. She had no place making him endure that flight, let alone everyone else.

Related image




Oh they thought of it sweetie, so many of them thought of it. Okay “special needs mom”, would you take your special needs child on an eight hour flight? If yes, is that perhaps because you know how to deal with their meltdowns? Perhaps you may do more than say meekly”stop that, honey”. Sincerely, a bitchy non-mum.


So, in summary, I will just add that I don’t blame the kid really, it’s the mother. I don’t think a father was with them. She should know how to deal with her child better than “have you got wifi for his i-Pad?”. What’s happening here could even be called neglect, because he’s screaming himself hoarse, running about where he could obviously hurt himself and she’s doing next to nothing to calm him down. If he flipped like that at the gate, she should not have even taken him on board. I obviously don’t think he’s really “demonic”, but his screams could definitely be described that way.

So to the “mother” of this child, GET PARENTING LESSONS, you are letting your child down, as well as everyone who comes into contact with you both!!



Reply to the Miserable Young Mum Moaning at a Man Who Did Nothing Wrong on a Plane

I saw this today and just had to respond here. Not seen one of these “open letter” type things for ages, so this is low hanging fruit! I don’t particularly see what this mum – who looks about 20 by the way, so we’re talking inexperienced and rude – is complaining about. This guy did nothing!

If you’d like to see the letter, this is it!

So here goes;

I apologize for my son pushing your seat. Traveling can be stressful, and I know that it’s annoying. But with all due respect, would you please sit back down and mind your own business? What gave you the right to discipline my 3-year-old son? I am his mother, and I’m pretty sure that’s my job.

Okay bitch, I can out-bitch you, so simmer down “mama bear”!! I’m pretty sure your kid kicking HIS SEAT is his business. Perhaps he took one look at your teenage-looking self and decided you’re not up to the job!


The first mistake you made was calling him “sweetheart.” I get that he has long hair, but he’s not a girl. The second mistake you made was bringing too much attention to the situation. You have poked the bear, and he now thinks it’s funny to kick your seat. The third mistake you made was pissing ME off by addressing him and not me — your only hope.

Ooh, scary stuff mama bear! Firstly – cut his hair then. Secondly – It’s not that guy’s fault that your brat thinks it’s fun to do something because he was just told not to, that’s your bad parenting. Thirdly, see above for why he didn’t address you! Also, probably because he could sense your bad attitude without even glancing at you.


He’s been flying since he was 4 months old (32 different planes to be exact), and he’s usually a trooper. Since his legs have grown longer, I’ve found it somewhat difficult to keep them off the seat in front of him. Holding them for two hours is usually the best course of action, but it’s not the most practical. I occasionally need to remove them to do other things. Maybe now I should just order a Bloody Mary and relax. Boy, wouldn’t that be a dream.

Why? Are you a pop star? Why the hell has that kid been on 32 aeroplanes? And if it’s true, why haven’t you learnt how to make him behave on them? Seems you’re really not up to this parenting lark. You shouldn’t have to hold the legs of such a seasoned traveller, you should’ve been able to teach the damned kid not to kick the person in front’s seat by now. What if that person is a nervous flier and feels sick? Having your sprog kicking their seat because he thinks it’s fun to do things he knows he’s not supposed to do would make them pretty angry! Perhaps you should have that alcoholic drink – you seem very tense.


It’s been a long holiday weekend. Over Thanksgiving, washing the dishes after dinner was my only time to relax. How was your Thanksgiving holiday? My holiday was spent tending to my child’s needs (and tantrums). I don’t know your story or your past, but let me assume for a second that in your younger years, you flew with a toddler. Can you try to remember how difficult that was?

Who knows how his Thanksgiving holiday was. Perhaps he lost a relative? Perhaps he spent it alone? Perhaps he doesn’t celebrate it. Or perhaps he had a fucking amazing Thanksgiving! What on earth has that got to do with anything? Why should he give a flying fuck that you were, as usual, grappling with your feral child? And what has the fact he may – or may NOT – have flown with a kid got to do with YOUR kid kicking the back of his seat right now? 


I’ve spent the past four hours lugging around his 34-pound body and a seven-pound car seat. Not only do I have his stroller to keep up with, but I also have his backpack, his snacks, his pillow, my computer, my purse, his iPad, and our boarding passes. I’ve had to visit the disgusting airport restroom 10 times to ensure he doesn’t wet himself on the plane. I encountered dirty looks and stares while pleading with him to stop screaming “Jingle Bells” at the top of his lungs. My only chance to get him to eat something nutritious today was to bribe him with ice cream, which I never allow and now realize wasn’t the best idea.

You’ve apparently done this 31 times previous to this – so you can’t find it that difficult or you wouldn’t keep repeating it. Also, why should this random man give a shit? He’s learnt the hard way that your son is a brat who you have no idea how to control. You don’t need to subject him to your life story – as passive aggressively as you’re doing it, after the event.


After boarding the plane with my son, I hoped and prayed for a tiny break. I even thought that break might come in the form of the person sitting in front of him showing me some compassion in my vulnerable, stressful situation. Instead of that break, however, I got YOU: rude, unsympathetic curmudgeon. Our plane hadn’t even taken off yet, and everyone was still getting settled. I could have easily diffused the seat-pushing situation had you let me handle it. You never gave me a chance. As a parent, that is disrespectful.

Are we about to find out exactly what this man did that was so awful? Oh, he stood up and addressed your son sweetly asking him not to kick his seat, seeing as his mother couldn’t be arsed to tell him herself. “As a parent, that is disrespectful”. Oh shut up kid, perhaps you should’ve waited until you were older and could handle parenting before procreating.


When you first stood up, I was caught off guard. I even took away his iPad in an attempt to discipline him. But after I had a second to think, I was pissed at you and myself. Instead of punishing him, I should have defended him. Had you and your older son not conveniently been bumped up to first class (because our flight was overbooked), I would have. I hope that next time you decide to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, you will think twice. So, thank you for adding stress to my already nerve-racking day.

Oh my GOD, that rude curmudgeon! He STOOD UP!?? Well I imagine that would take you by surprise. And that anger at him using his two legs is totally justified, how dare he!? Come on, girl. Stop desperately searching for things to play victim about in this situation. He stood up! He didn’t threaten you, lay hands on your kid or shout at either of you. And you’re seriously going to complain that he got bumped up to First Class? I can guarantee you that most people in First Class felt their hearts drop when you and that noisy kid walked into their section – not when that man did!  And hun, your brat was kicking his seat, how in the world is that “sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong?” How did a man standing up and asking your kid nicely (he said “sweetheart”) to stop kicking his seat stress you out? You need parenting lessons, kid.


The last part of her letter, she bends over backwards to praise some woman in the same row as the man who cooed over the kid and didn’t mind having her seat kicked. In this section, she admits “He has acrobatic feet, a larger-than-life personality, and an ear-piercing roar.” (Yes, please take him on another 32 plane journeys, everyone will love that)! Because obviously, everything her child does is adorable, and that lady GOT that. That nasty curmudgeon (don’t you just love that word – where did she dig it up from?) had the gall to be irritated. By HER perfect child? Lets hope he thinks twice next time, and when someone’s kid is playing up and it’s effecting him, he just says “aww, your child is so amazingly cute”. Because, lets face it, he is – seat kicking included.

Image result for dean winchester judging gif


Parents, if you’re taking your young kids on planes, many people won’t like it. And you will need to prove you have at least a basic grasp of parenting. This includes keeping them occupied, as quiet as possible and showing that you are at least trying to be considerate to other passengers. And yes, this definitely includes stopping them from kicking the seat in front of them. If you don’t, and someone steps in to do so for you, don’t be surprised!

Lets Talk Parents vs Pet Parents…

Just as an aside, I have to say I will be responding to articles as and when I find them. But my main source of great butthurt parent-type articles – and inspiration for this blog – has let me down, so I’m finding it difficult to locate such articles. I’m working on it, I do like a good response piece.

Today I’m doing a half response/half screenshots post. I am responding to comments made on a lady’s Facebook page. To make it clear, I have nothing against this lady. She made a very short, humorous, very inoffensive video highlighting some differences between parenting a dog and parenting human kids. She loves her dog, she loves her kid, she didn’t include anything insulting or condescending, and she even called for peace in the comments. Ironically, the people CAUSING the unrest were mainly parents of humans. They thought they were “calling out” all the many butthurt pet parents, and I trawled those comments at length and found three, literally just THREE people who had anything negative to say. Two were OTT, one was reasonable and just said she disagreed.

Link to the short video in question, and details about her Facebook page.

I’d like to devote a blog to the insane (mainly mothers) who just used this as an opportunity to hate, rant, gloat and talk shit about pets, animals and their owners…

So lets get into this (for reference, I’ll be saying “pets” instead of just dogs, because they don’t JUST mean one type of pet);



Well M, you know who would take a bullet for you? YOUR DOG! I’m sure you don’t even realise it, perhaps you don’t even care. But that’s how loyal and loving dogs are. I don’t think you deserve that loyalty and love. Your kid won’t be taking any bullets for you! 



L drones on and on about the differences here… thank you Cap’n Obvious, I’m sure everyone who compares parenting a kid means they REALLY think it’s the same and needed that information. What a fucking waste of time those TWO comments were. However, I have to say that M knocks it out of the park by pointing out that L is dismissing adoptive parents. I imagine that shame L perfectly as she slunk away and didn’t respond. Oh and fuck off with your “great complexity”… your the mum, your spawn is the kid. What’s complex about it? 



A can go suck a bag of dicks!  She’d turn away a sick animal “immediately”! Taking the time to love a pet will psychologically damage her kid? Jesus fucking Christ woman, what do you think getting rid of the kid’s beloved dog for no apparent reason, or refusing to help a sick animal would do to them? Most children like or love animals, who are more delicate and vulnerable than them, it’s how a lot of kids learn empathy and love. They would feel it if you treated an animal so badly. She’s saying it’s better to just get the animal put to sleep, even if it can be treated, because fuck taking care of an animal! Sounds like her poor ex was a decent person, probably left her because she’s an uncaring, callous bitch! Then she talks about some fucked up friend of hers who feels aggrieved because her family dogs were “treated better” growing up. Well, I’m pretty sure those were neglectful parents, not amazing parents who happened to also love their animals. There’s so much wrong in this comment that it pains me. Mine was the laugh emoji, the rest were likes, I’m sorry to say!



Yes, this is the same L as above. Getting all in her feelings again! Apparently she loved her cat… but left him with an abusive person. Yeah, you didn’t love that cat! I don’t care where I went, I would NEVER leave my animal with an abusive human. She has a “HUGE PROBLEM” wah wah wah, about how we treat animals – what, with respect and kindness? Well I can see how you wouldn’t like that. Basically, the rest of that comment is pretty much “if you’re not 100% vegan, you don’t get to say you love your pet!” Kiss my vegetarian arse, bitch.

Next to comments are ALSO L. She MADE. A. CHILD. So spin on it, adoptive parents! Oh and “if you don’t have kids, you can’t have an opinion”. Of course, has to throw that in. 



And L again – very interesting use of words there. “Inferior”. Not that she  loves her kid more, or that her kid is her number one priority… the cat is INFERIOR to her son. I just don’t understand how you’d even think of that word. 



Okay okay everyone, H is here to put an end to all this with some wise words; aaaand, then she turned into a psycho mum! She hears a dog barking when pushing her kid, and suddenly imagining turning into a ninja, protecting all three kids at once. From what, I’m not sure, but never mind, coz it makes a good story and she gets to pretend to be a fierce mama bear in action. But GUYS, there was an instinctual SHIFT in her. It’s primal and you just won’t get it if you don’t know the joy of motherhood.

As for her mad ramblings about “ghosting”, okay lady, did you make ANY attempt to relate to them on their level instead of going on about the baby the entire time when you saw them? Did you ask about their lives and REALLY actually take an interest in their replies?  Did you ever try to see them without the baby?  They came by to see you and liked your baby, but how much interest do you expect young, childfree people to take? What did you want from them? YOU had the kid, not them. YOU changed, not them. If they ALL drifted off from you, who is the common denominator here? Look in the mirror!

But anyway, that’s off the subject, but something I want to go into another time.


The reply says it all! V’s little story here is completely irrelevant!



J… WHAT COMMENTS? I’m serious. Where are they all? I saw three negative comments! You wanted there to be loads, so you could get on your high horse. Thanks A, nobody realised that. J, that’s BRAND. NEW. INFORMATION!!!! 



You. Parents. Drive. Me. Insane. The love is different? Really? I’m honestly learning so much. Thank God parents are here to tell me all this!



Oh darling!! You’ve never had and loved a pet have you? You’ll never know until you have a pet.



It IS gold! All the butthurt parents, so triggered by THREE negative comments that they have to spam a comment section with absolute bullshit. Oh and K? Bitch? If I ever know that someone “tosses” their dog outside just because it’s whining at night then I will be calling their local animal welfare officers faster than they can say ANIMAL ABUSE!



Soooo, a foster parent isn’t a parent? They don’t always raise their kids for 18+ years, and the damage has usually already been done that will require them lifelong therapy. Interesting theory you have there. And yes, if we feel we’re a parent to our pet, we’re a parent to our pet. As for your last point – we don’t know what love is until we have a kid… you’re damn right we act offended, because we are; you are not only putting down our love for our pets, but also our parents, grandparents, significant others and whoever else may be dear to us in our lives.  Some people are not okay with jumped up parents doing that!!



Good grief woman, do you know how you come across? INSANE! And do you think us pet parents don’t do that? Sometimes I look at my cat and she’s so adorable and innocent and vulnerable that I just want to protect her forever (which I will) and I want to cry. She doesn’t even have a voice, I have to protect her for her entire life, she will always be my baby! I’m only admitting this here – in reply to your weirdness. Bleating about it proudly makes you seem very strange. Your kid even thinks so. 

But yeah, we do understand sweetie. Stop it with the patronising bullshit.



Crazy mamas unite! R understands. Her husband thinks she’s batshit, but she still bawls her eyes out for no reason. She can only do that over the being that SHE created of course, never over a mere animal. (says a lot).



Imma stand up for this one, coz F you, T! Ooh, throws a rock – an inanimate object with no life, feelings, emotions or needs – in there. Is that supposed to be funny? Clever? Because it’s neither. Just saying. And “parasite”? Oh sweetie pie, no!! The parasite is the foetus feeding off the mother’s body. How the hell can you say a living, breathing animal who did not come out of my body is a “parasite”! Do you understand what a “host” is in this context? T, you are painfully uneducated. The irony in this comment is magnificent! 

Image result for the stupid it hurts gif



It’s sooooo worth it you guys! I had nothing of any intelligence to contribute to this thread, but I just had to say something so you all know I’m a MUMMY, and it’s SO WORTH the workload. Mummies unite amirite? 



Oh please save me from this next level of butthurt!! Calling taking a pet home from a shelter “adoption” or “fostering” is “wrong” and her kids may feel some type of way when they’re older and see that it’s used for animals as well as human kids!?? You can’t make this shit up. I also can’t believe someone approved this crazy snowflake for adoption! She actually CRINGES at the thought of her kids knowing the same words are used for animals finding loving homes. Well sweetheart, lets hope they’re normal people unlike you, and they’ll be just fine. Fucking hell…

Image result for you're a special kind of stupid gif



Okay, what the fuck kind of feral brats is L raising? I dearly hope I never come into contact with them!!



“Maybe”? Fucking MAYBE?? And way to do a huge injustice to the many, many people who have had kids and are still devastated (K, you can’t fucking spell) at losing a dear pet. Not to mention the children. For them, a lot of the time it’s their first experience of death, and is very upsetting to them. Some more than others if they had a very strong bond. And no, you DON’T always “buy another one”. Even if eventually you do (hopefully you adopt, not BUY), how is that any different to having another child after one died? You’re not replacing the lost child, and pet parents are not replacing the lost pet, but both will fill a void. And pets don’t have spirits? What…? What the…?? Just go away K, your comment was shit!



I have an infertile bitch at work, yeah it’s a shame, but whatever…. anyway, she tries to talk to me on my level and say her cat is like my kid, what a fucking IDIOT, come on everyone, laugh at the infertile woman. What a douche!!!



Well you wouldn’t have liked my mum and me then when I was growing up, our two cats were totally my brothers. I’m not angry, I just pity your closed mindedness and petty peeves! Who the hell cares what people call their animals in their own households?



Just for a laugh, I Googled “my pet is my child, disorder”. Below is the full first page of results. M, you’re talking crap.


1/ Nobody cares, 2/ Nobody said your pets were the same as your kid, but we still expect you to act parent-like to them, feed them, clean up their poo and give them love, 3/ NOBODY attacked the OP!



And now we’re going WAY off the beaten track with a mama getting way too triggered by pet parents jokingly getting cards for each other “from the cat/dog/whatever”. Never mind that it’s cute, or just a laugh, it’s TRIGGERING to parents! 

M, I honestly don’t think that any sane infertile woman is sitting there crying because a pet parent sent their partner a card “from the dog”. In fact, they are more likely to be crying because mothers of human kids are gushing about motherhood all over social media, yet nobody tells you to stop doing that… 

Oh S, have your damn holiday! You know who doesn’t care? MY mum! Who has put in a lot more years of motherhood than your newbie ass has. (it’s an educated guess luv).


D is the infertile lady who has dogs, they’re her babies. It’s something you hear a lot, and it’s a shame they can’t have the babies they long for – but their animals mean everything to them. It would be absolutely horrible to verbally attack D wouldn’t it…?

Not according to P! I don’t recall the comment that D was upset about, but P is firmly defending it. I find it especially interesting that she throws “adopt a human” in there. Firstly, fuck off! Adopting an animal is a beautiful thing to do, and it’s the path she chose. Secondly, she hasn’t attacked anyone, AT ALL! Thirdly, don’t call her “sweetie” when you’re pointing out that she needs counselling, you come across like a vile bitch. The reason I find the “adopt” part so interesting is that if someone was spending thousands on IVF to have a baby and someone said “why don’t you adopt?”, she’d no doubt be the first one in there shouting about how it’s none of their business and some people just want to experience pregnancy etc. But when it’s adopt a human vs adopt a do… different story!  smh



Oh man, this is a new one on me!! This is a thing? I knew SAHM vs working mums was a thing, but not this. Good grief.



If they don’t have a human child, to them it was like losing a child. Because their animal was their child. That’s what they mean. Don’t get so butthurt about it!!! 



Now listen… K is here to lay down the rules. You WILL NOT celebrate Mothers or Fathers Day because you didn’t birth those animals. Also, adoptive parents… fuck you, you didn’t squeeze your kids out of your uterus, in fact you’re not even technically parents, so you don’t get to celebrate either. *laugh emojis



Why? You do it once a fortnight, they do it like once a year!



Yes, J, thank you!! Nobody should be so cruel to their dog. Terrible!



Hahahaha! J’s kid is destined to be the next Obama. Or Trump. Or perhaps Hitler. But he or she is going to GOVERN A NATION! Not end up on welfare, no, not that. J’s kid is special, it’s just obvious. 



At least this J has included adoptive parents. That’s a bonus. And she’s giving us permission to love our pets – J is really a decent person, that’s really kind! It’s kinda cute how she thinks her one kid is going to shape the world. lol

Y’know what though? No child will come before MY pet. I’d save her over some random child and I’m not even sorry. 



Ugh, I fucking hate “it’s an animal”, yeah and so are we. What’s your point? This one clearly thinks little of her poor cats. They “shit in a box”, is that all she has to say about the poor things? I doubt any human this pos raises will be a good anything! And yeah I’ve been around a child – I wouldn’t recommend it! Cats though… 🙂



You “will easily get rid of a pet”… “bye dog”? You are a piece of excrement, and I really hope you have no animals!!!!



Well that was fucking stupid!!! And you think people calling dogs their kids is a mess!?? Lady, sit the fuck down!



“You poor thing having to bottle feed kittens”, GO. FUCK. YOURSELF. WITH. A CACTUS!!!! You have ZERO idea what it’s like to raise kittens who have no mummy cat, to take the place of the mummy, help them poo and wee, see that they survive if they have health problems, especially if they’ve been dumped in a box in the curb. Ever found a box of babies dumped in a box somewhere cold and wet? Starving hungry, with no mother, people walking past and not giving a shit? NO?? Well go get intimate with that cactus then! That should shut you up!


The next few are replies to the one out of three comments disagreeing. And it was the sanest (if that’s a word) of the three as well. The mamas piled on and bullied the ever living shit out of her! Pack of bitches!


Did you drop out of school to have the first one or two? You write “you are”, and still end up using “your” instead of you’re. Fuck off, YOU’RE illiterate. Yes, I’m a Grammar Nazi, but she deserves it! (And no, I’m not perfect myself).



If I could find K, I would want to drop kick her into next week. I hope somebody does. This vile cow thinks that she can leave a dog on a curb, raise it like shit, not feed it ad ignore it because it’s a FUCKING DOG LADY… oh no, she means a FUCKING DOG, LADY and NO ONE WILL CARE!!!! Oh you piece of shit on the bottom of my shoe, we are not all like you, many of us DO care about animal abuse. And believe me, some people, when they see it happening, do not go easy on the abuser. Just a FYI if you’re planning on abusing an animal anytime soon. BITCH!!!! I’m so gutted this thing spawned and is raising kids with it’s DNA!!



Yeah well, C, these are some of the most idiotic comments I’ve seen in a while. Oookay, you shove your cat and dog outside and forget about them, well that’s NEGLECT, so well done. If you can walk out the door after dumping them somewhere (and no Vet I know would take an animal like that who isn’t ill) then you’re scum! Cats don’t “sit in kennels”, and dogs should be part of the family!

Now, for your precious BAYBEEES!

1/ You knew that going in, so did pet parents, that’s why we didn’t have babies. And what is the relevance of that point anyway?  2/ Girl your bat! ?? I’m sorry, I don’t speak unintelligible slang!  3/ If you shove your cat or dogs in a cupboard when they’re upset, I’m just hoping someone calls animal control on you very soon! And if you think it’s okay to do to animals, why DON’T you do the same with your sprogs?



That’s good, I can’t fault you on that. Thank you for caring for sick puppies. However, you end this with saying that work was “emotionally easier”. I honestly don’t get how? The damage to your body, coz that is some list you give, is not worth the hassle for a human kid as far as I’m concerned.



You can tell the REALLY butthurt ones because they’ll either bring YOUR death or your pet’s death into it. Classy Liz, very classy! Enjoy your empty nest when your kid buggers off and rarely bothers with you. 



Oh just shove your human kid out there. I mean, if it’s good enough for your dog, it’s good enough for your kid! Sorry but seriously, you’re a shit dog owner if you “need a break” and shove the poor thing outside. 

You sound like you’re not coping, “all the stress and worry and responsibility”, I think you’re regretting parenthood. Oh… sorry, is that rude and totally inaccurate? Well sweetie, so is saying that anyone who disagrees with the OPs video – all three people who did – just want kids of their own! So do me a favour, ALL you butthurt, boring, ranting, raging, IDIOT parents;

Image result for just shut up shout gif


Bitchy Non-Mum signing off, for now…

Screenshots on Friday

I’m not going to call them Sunday Screenshots anymore, because often I can’t deliver them on a particular day, life happens and I’m not always indoors to prepare. I spend hours trawling the net for the latest parent crap, to make it fun for you guys to read, and I really hope over time, more people will be reading them. (Do please share to your friends and across social media platforms that you’re on if possible).

Enough promoting myself – lets get on with the screenshots.

Image result for rubbing hands together gif


myblog45 1

This is cute as hell – a loving doggy mum, who has just had a baby and NOT decided she doesn’t love her dog anymore, treated her furkid to a room of his own and posted about it on Twitter. What a lovely person, and what a wholesome post…

But of course, a parent felt triggered and had to reply with a pretty horrible tirade…

myblog45 2

Few points, you miserable, heartless piece of trash! This person can call her dog what the hell she wants to. West London flats are bigger than that. What is it that you think the baby is missing out on because she gave her dog a room? Where should her priorities be? Are you trying to insinuate she let her baby starve while she did this? I doubt “the dog” would be just as happy with a blanket and wooden crate, and I’m sure she knows she is loved and loves her room. Finally, WHAT. IS. IT. TO. YOU?? At least she made herself laugh! *shrugs

Seriously, why do parents get SOOOO triggered and angry when someone – with or without a baby – pampers their animal? It’s rather concerning!


It’s the Tiredness Olympics, Parents Edition. 



This mama thinks she’s justified likening non-parents being tired to starving children in Africa. Nice one sweetheart – I fully back the reply someone left her saying “you know nothing about kids in Africa”. Stay in your lane and STFU, idiot! Go change a nappy!



I wouldn’t waste my time arguing with you, I’m TOO TIRED! Obviously you’re not if you’re prepared to argue until I have kids… because you’ll be waiting until one of us drops dead! 



Ah, one of my favourite stereotypes about the childfree. All we do is party. None of us work, none of us look after loved ones, none of us have other commitments, none of us are ill. We ALL have pots of money and spend all our time getting drunk. Whatever age we are. I’m so glad this dickhead was here to tell me I’m not tired because of ill health, I’m just tired because of the partying I did, lets see… last time was definitely over five years ago. That was some night if it’s still effecting me now. 



Thanks honey! Where did you dig this diagnosis from, your arse?



When this self-pitying pos says “please tell me more about your needs”, she doesn’t really mean it, because then she might have to hear about someone’s terminal illness, chemotherapy treatment or narcolepsy which may make her think again about moaning about the snotty toddler who needs it’s nose wiped THAT SHE CHOSE TO HAVE!!!! 



Stereotype much?? Someone is bitter they chose the parenthood route! Sorry luv, you can’t rewind and not have had kids. This is your life now. Oh well! 



Ooh, good for you hun! I’m going to guess you’re a SAHM seeing as you say “all of my work” and don’t mention a paying job. (and no, parenthood is not a job – more on that later).  So, when your kid/kids nap, you get to do “all of your work” which will consist of some cleaning and washing. So yay for you – that person without kids who said they’re tired may have worked a long shift at a job and THEN had to come home and do “all of their work”. Think on that!



So you know all these non-parents are fit and healthy? You know none of them have sleep disorders, terminal illnesses or anaemia? You know none of them have sick relatives or even pets – YES pets!? You know none of them work shifts, or work 60 hour weeks, or night shifts? You know none of them care for other peoples’ kids? No? Then shut up with your condescending, superior, holier than thou attitude! Parents do not OWN tiredness!



And then there’s this bullshit posted on Instagram. Someone actually made a little picture that says “tired as a mother”. They MADE UP a phrase. It’s never gonna catch on, sorry mama! Melanin mama here vaguely remembers when she was childless and free, and used to get tired. Now apparently she is much wiser and simply laughs at her younger self, how naive and stupid she was. Just like those childless idiots who dare to tell her they’re tired now she has sprogs. But it’s okay, because she is now superr and merely rolls her eyes because she knows so much more! She’s now a MOTHER, a WOMAN. She is now of the set who own tiredness. 

Know what, patronising cow…

Image result for YOU'RE NOTHING GIF



So, this was a random post I saw on Twitter – guys, you may not want kids, but just THINK about what that does to your parents. They need to GRIEVE, for the grandkids they won’t have? Or something. If you love your parents, you’ll feel like a massive c**t because you chose the life path you want for yourself. Didn’t you know you’re supposed to  live your life for your parents!? 

Seriously, any good parent would just be happy their offspring is happy!  Or in my case, be proud they made the sensible decision – if you have a mess of a life, bringing a defenseless baby into it is probably the most selfish thing you could do! (though so many do it, and proudly state “my baby saved my life”, one of the most idiotic, self-centred things I see parents say online).



Mama and Papa Bears are some of the most comedic people on social media. As I’ve said before, most of them wouldn’t now WTF to do if it came to it – all their threats are totally empty! When you’re threatening other peoples’ kids though, you’ve gone too far!



This mama is KOLD, KOLD as ice! KOLDER than the world. Her love for her daughter runs deep, is almost primitive. So is her spelling!


Team Kids and Tax Time


So, the US branch of Team Kids is on one again, now they’re using #teamnokids to brag on and on about their tax return. Now I’m not up on how the US tax system works, but it seems they get a payout once a year if they have kids. I’ve seen it for years when January comes around. I’ve recently seen some non-parents posting about how parents will just spend it all on themselves, they’re pretty funny posts. This was one such post attached to a meme that’s been going round. (And no, I have no idea what “y’all ready for these bands” means!?). This mama agreed many parents just spend these taxes on themselves… and then went on to say ALL she’ll buy herself is a phone! Damn, we got this all wrong my fellow childfree peeps, we should all live in the US and have kids! Enjoy spending your kids’ money on the latest iPhone, Mum of the Year!



It’s this meme again – get some imagination, parents. Now we know why they all have kids. The payouts!!!



Apparently, us Brits have our own versions of tax-grabbing trash in the form of Benefits Scroungers. Now benefits (or “welfare” for the Americans reading this) for people who are genuinely ill or have fallen on hard times are a great thing, some people genuinely need that help. But THIS is the sort of person who gives benefits claimants a trashy name! Unemployed mother off to buy an iPhone with her government handouts! And take it from me, most benefits claimants cannot afford to buy iPhones with their paltry benefits payments – but if you have kids… lets just say that those child tax credits and child benefits payments come in VERY handy! 

Image result for you're trash GIF


Team Kids and their Usual Shit


Of course, Team Kids is still just going about their normal business of trashing non parents in their usual bitter way, without mentioning their precious tax payments. 

1st of all, I’ve had no abortions – 2nd, I have NO desire to have mini me’s… and I don’t even “dear” to address the second part of that. And I’m not “lieing jelly”, I pity you for having kids, AND for being so bitter about it. Finishing off with the “you won’t know true love”… I’ve nearly filled up my Childfree Bingo card with this one post! 



The bipolar here is hilarious. She TRIES to be decent about it, but the bitterness just drags her under! Calls us “uglies”, and then she’s like ‘no, hey it’s GREAT to not have kids before you’re ready, but my kid didn’t mess up my life, bla bla… YOU’RE GONNA BE ON OXYGEN TANKS WHEN YOUR KIDS HIT PUBERTY!’ Yikes, calm down, freak!  Ever think these people you’re addressing just don’t want kids at all? Some people are responsible enough NOT to become parents “unexpectedly”!


And Some Random Shit…


I wundr wot age dis 1 droppd out of skool to berth her 1st?? 14? #dontmesswithspellingandgrammar #idkilltobeabletoreadthis #actuallynoiwouldnt lol



Papa Bear is on the case. He killed a wasp with his hands, a washcloth and a toilet. But it was only mostly dead. Erm…



I just love how this woman ran out of things to say so added in scrolling through Facebook. I’d say that’s missing some moments of their lives actually!




I quite like the randomness of it though. lol



I get her ranting, I honestly do. We all need a rant, and a break, now and then. It’s the jab at the childfree and childless that she throws in that bothers me. “When I get a break I’m not in a bar partying my ass off” Neither are we sweetheart, neither are we!!



Let me just TLDR this for you; A man with missing teeth driving a beat up white van smiled at her child and she turned into a paranoid psycho! I’m not sure if she was Beyonce or something, but obviously some sort of A-lister with her “you obviously don’t know who I am”.

Mama Bears never fail to provide the entertainment.



Aww, a lovely, wholesome pic of a mother and her daughters, out for a walk in a forest, just sweet an… YES, IT’S A CIGARETTE, DON’T LIKE IT, TOUGH, I’M MY OWN PERSON, GRRRR… have a stunning day and be blessed. 

Parents are so bipolar!



TLDR Version: Kid turns up to ask his friend to play, friend’s mum is suspicious and wants to know how old this kid is that wants to play with hers. Bitch totally overreacts and her friend accuses the other mother of paedophilic thoughts. 

Just your average conversation on Facebook…


Finally, here is your dose of birth control for the day – JUST. DON’T. DO. IT!!!



Image result for FUCK THAT GIF


Happy New Year – and I’m starting 2018 with some personally sourced Tweets from those ungrateful tweens and teens who have nothing good to say about their parents’ and loved ones’ hard work to buy them gifts at Christmas. If this doesn’t make you glad you don’t have mini mes then nothing will…


Image result for brat gif



The cliche, the tweets everyone waits for after xmas. Ungrateful little brat. Get a cover for it and appreciate the hundreds of dollars someone spent on you.



One pet peeve right here – this new trend of adding a random name (often one that sounds like a “old person name”) into a comment or post, just to give it some extra salt. Tip for you Karens out there, if any brat does this to you, take the brat back and get a refund!



This one gets a holiday in Florida and a “loud af” Bluetooth speaker but it’s still not enough. ‘My siblings got other things you guuuuyyyys! Even if they didn’t get to go to Florida, that’s beside the point. I WANT MORE, SHIT!’  #iguessyouretooungrateful



Pretty sure nobody will be buying your rude self anything next year either, so it’s all good!



Only post your iPhone X or latest trainers (I’m way too old to know what’s ‘in’ now) on social media. Scummy people like this DOE WANNA see any present that cost less than 1k!!!



Listen brat, she’s your GRANDMOTHER – you damn well put on the act of your life and thank her and look pleased at the presents she’s gone out of her way to buy you! While you’re at it, stop slating her on social media. And. learn to. use punctuation. Properly. jdjdjdjd



I think I may have the answer – show everyone you know this tweet! You’ll get no more presents ever, and your problem will be solved! Oh and you ARE ungrateful!



And FUCK YOU!!! Please nobody ever buy this bitch a present again. And Nicki Minaj? You have terrible taste in music luv!



Jeebus – PLEASE take those presents back, parents! This one deserves nothing.



Your mum is probably joking, also don’t call her a bitch, bitch!



This one is starting young – five years old and answering his cousin back like he’s a little thug. I dread to think how it speaks to it’s parents!



You have the right idea, but your inner brat is peering out! Here’s a tip – Christmas is not all about “luxurious” presents. It’s about family and being with people you love, if you’re religious it’s about Jesus. So be thankful for that roof, and a mum who clearly loves you, wipe your eyes with those tissues and… God knows what peppermint bark is. lol



Well what did you buy your  mum? I hope it was something thoughtful and personal and that she really loves. If not, you can shut up right away. Teens are tough to buy for – you’re really going to say no to a $50 gift card to get WTF you want with? I’ll have it then.



If you’re blaming the company she ordered it from, fair enough! If you’re blaming your mother – FOH!!!

Image result for bratty teen gif

Bratty Kids at Christmas

Sunday Screenshots – Mumsnet Edition, Part 1

So lately I’ve been perusing Mumsnet. If I had posted this yesterday, I’d say that they’re not that bad over there, it’s not the mass of nasty  parents that I thought it was… but not so much having had another look today! There are definitely some childfree peeps over there, you see the sane comments here and there. There are also some level headed parents who don’t act like entitled arseholes. But there are some very odd, annoying and downright disgusting opinions and ideas being thrown around as well. I have collected the most interesting posts and comments for your entertainment. So lets begin…

Image result for are you prepared gif




“Isn’t a wedding the start of a family”? Oh honey. If you mean in that your fiance will become your husband, yes. But no, a wedding – I believe you mean a MARRIAGE actually – is not necessarily the start of popping out babies. Plenty of couples don’t want to or can’t. They are inviting YOU, no they do not have to invite your whole “family” (because it’s only a family once kids start being made, right?). Find a babysitter, or don’t go! Simple.



This is a UK website. I am a resident of the UK. Let me tell you, there are plenty of pubs and restaurants you can take kids into and you will feel completely comfortable if you have the slightest idea how to make them behave, or you take them home if they can’t. Parents and non-parents alike hate to hear other peoples’ children screeching and running around a place when they go out for a quiet drink or meal. There’s no bitterness, that would indicate some kind of jealousy… there’s annoyance and anger! Don’t get confused.



All I can say to this is WHEN LANDLORDS STOP SAYING “NO DSS” (no tenants receiving any sort of benefits/welfare) THEN WE CAN ADDRESS “NO CHILDREN”. Seriously, Landlords in this country are messed up – wouldn’t be surprised to see “no black people” in some adverts. There seem to be no laws for Landlords in the UK. This lady’s little petition can’t have had many signatures, because the comments were not really in her favour in the comments.



Wah wah wah, but MUH BABIES!!! This parent has gone a step beyond and is trying to equate discrimination against gay people, with Landlords not wanting snot rockets in their properties wrecking the decor, breaking the furniture and parents leaving shitty nappies everywhere as they love to do. Not to mention the noise they make, tearing up and down the corridors, screeching in their rooms, disturbing other guests. What in the world do gay people do that could cause a problem? Religious beliefs? I’m sorry but if they can “tolerate” homosexuals in everyday life, they can do so in a B&B! Unbelievable mummy entitlement there. I’m sure she’d be happy if they did stipulate “no gay people” as long as they permitted children.


Mummy Essays

Now and then you’ll come across a mummy attempting to write a novel just to ask a very dumb question. (AIBU = Am I Being Unreasonable).



All you need to pick out of this mini-novella are these parts;

“Effectively asked to leave the cafe” – No, you weren’t. You were asked nicely to hush your children. You did nothing and then you were asked not so nicely.

“Fractious… having a bit of a shout… we waited for them to settle” So, noisy, screeching and you did nothing about it.

In short, you were asked nicely to quieten your kids. You took it personally, started blubbing and left shame-faced. I hope you learnt something from this!!



Now, I do get this mother’s point to an extent. The dog was over-excitable and was nipping at her baby. This is the owner’s fault obviously, and not the innocent dog’s. But boy is she a drama-queen!? The dog licked the kid’s toys… so wash them before your kid plays with them next. The best bit is “my heart stopped”, okay nobody wants a dog to pee on their carpet, but wow. I’m sure your kid wees everywhere too! lol  “You need to go and get him downstairs now!” Your neurotic mother side is showing. Also, animal lover? And then you talk about tying the poor dog to a tree outside throughout the visit, and worrying about your precious home “stinking of dog”. Then you crawl around the house like a crazy woman sniffing every inch of carpet for a bit of dog wee. You’re not an animal lover, but you are mentally unstable!

Yes it was long sweetie. Take a chill pill and RELAX ffs!


Make Room on the Bus – Stressed Parent with 3 under 3 and a Pushchair Incoming


I picture a miserable looking 22 year old chav complete with trackie and ugg boots with her new toy baby and enraptured because she’s cute NO MATTER WHAT SHE DOES!! She’s a “nine month year old”. (she’s nine months I can confirm). She’s not singing and chatting, she’s incessantly babbling and screeching. Someone in the comments mentioned “performance parenting” and that is exactly what I think this girl was doing. It was a “look at my perfect baby” display, and she didn’t get the responses she expected. KEEP. YOUR. KID. QUIET. IN. PUBLIC! If you can’t, don’t go out until you can! There, now you know how to handle it.



Moan, moan, moan… when I used buses in the 80s, when I was young, every bus stop I approached all I saw was a sea of mummies folding their buggies, hoisting kids under their arms or holding their hands – often both – and balancing shopping on their wrists, all while boarding the bus with money out to pay (no handy card to just hold up to a machine). And now it’s “but I have shopping, but baby has so much stuff I have to bring, but I can’t fold it easily, but where will I put it, but but but…” Parents today have no idea, and want everything handed to them on a plate.



Yeah… that’s a NO, you selfish, self-centered piece of whatever! So desperate to visit her little friends and show off her sick kid, that she is perfectly fine not only putting any pregnant woman they encounter in danger, but also infecting anyone with a weak immune system or who just hasn’t had chicken pox. After catching it aged 27 off a child who’s parents swore up and down was no longer infectious and being very ill, needing antibiotics, my mum catching it and then my elderly gran having shingles (it literally shot round our family thanks to this child and his parents), this is a touchy subject with me. Keep your nasty self and your infectious sick child out of the public, you SELFISH BITCH!

Image result for there's more gif

Coming tomorrow – Parents and pets, Parents and the childfree, Parents and parking




Sunday Screenshots

I have a confession, I’ve messed up with this blog. The last two Sunday Screenshots are deleted – it turns out you can’t just delete all the pics in your library on this site and they’ll stay in the posts. All those screenshots are gone!! So I’ve had to remove the blogs too!

Image result for you plonker gif

In light of that, I’m doing a special edition 2-part Screenshots this week. The first, today, is on the theme of parents who are offended by anything to do with pets – calling ourselves “pet parents”, “comparing” our pets to their sprogs, saying we love our animals like they love their kids etc. These particular parents bother me probably more than any other. WHY do they get so angry?

Lets get into it then, there’s a LOT to get through…



You “love your dog more than anything”? Yet you’re throwing him out of his family home for a baby who is not even here yet, because EXPENSIVE! If you can’t afford a dog and a baby, I highly doubt you can afford a baby on it’s own. Don’t pretend you care about that dog when you come out with it’s “ridiculous” to put dogs on pedestals. I bet you’ll be putting your potato on a pedestal when the little blighter is pushed into this God-forsaken world. I just hope that dog’s next owners actually DO love him, not YOUR kind of conditional “love”.



Nope – kids are not pets! I wouldn’t be that cruel, pets are way better! Cuter, cuddlier, more loyal, less messy… And here’s a shocker for you. We don’t believe having a pet is the same as having a baby. That’s why we have pets and not babies. Oh, unless you’re having a pop at infertile people. Because that’s the other scenario. What a lovely person you are!



My cat poos inside, we feed her a variety of food and as for partying – well yeah, we can leave a cat for a few hours. You chose to have kid instead of a pet, so stop whinging and get on with parenting it!



She’s saying she’s been called rude and dramatic for saying it’s offensive for someone to compare their dog to her kid. I’m inclined to agree – poor dog. Fancy being compared to a human child. Urgh! Cue the OTT declarations of “no love like a mother’s love”, bla bla bla.



I’m going to tell YOU a story! This tweet makes YOU look like the joke. It makes you seem like an animal-hating, over-dramatic weirdo. So you bored someone who doesn’t have kids with shit about your snot-rocket, and they didn’t know what to say. So in an attempt to say SOMETHING, they spoke about their dog. Well diddums! Perhaps don’t drone on about your kid next time, nobody cares, FELICIA!!!



And y’know what? FUCK YOU!!!! Fuck you up, down and sideways. You’re not special, your kid is not special, only you really give a shit about your damn mini me, just remember that. Literally NOBODY feels the same way you do about it!



I have no idea what this is all about. I’m sure a Prince would come before some snotty children. And to many people, so do dogs. So, perhaps it’s you who’s sick for not agreeing. lol



Are… are you seriously telling me what I’m not permitted to say? Who the hell are you? Some random parent with some huge superiority complex apparently.



You. are. not. the. boss. of. me!!!



Someone is in their feelings that there’s a Pet Parents Day!! There’s a lot of days I think are stupid – but I don’t feel the need to compose butthurt tweets about them. Dude needs to chill!



Another breeder telling me what I can’t say. Shove your Wednesday whine up your minge luv!



Hey random person on the internet. We are whatever the hell we want to call ourselves. Screw you, miserable moo!



Do kids answer that question then? Its usually rhetorical I thought. I’m more likely to get a defiant “meow” out of my cat, because y’know they can recognise the tone of voice and totally know they’re being naughty! Just another parent who knows nothing about animals!



“Pethood”… I love that! Though it sounds more like it’s related to the animal and not the pet parent. But it’s still cute. Well done parent! See, you DID do something useful today other than cleaning up baby sick and changing a nappy. I think you need that Prozac more than any pet parent though.



So many mamas pissed off that pet parents jokingly refer to themselves on Mother’s Day. They’re SO offended, like it takes away from their celebrations. How about get on with your Mother’s Day and stop concerning yourself with what others are doing?


ss56 ss56 2

So this absolute delight decided to shame someone on Twitter who does a lot of good work and fundraising for animal charities, and was recognised for it. Bitch of the Year here is pissed that all she helps are animals – I mean Christians are apparently all about children, they’re not supposed to care about animals. Apparently!? This is a particularly vile message that I am so glad nobody responded to or even liked. So, bitch, maybe she does “dislie” kids, maybe she doesn’t. But she is clearly not selfish or she’d be spending her money on herself.  So take your disgusting, miserable self and change a stinking nappy!



They’re called reigns, and they’re for keeping kids close to their parents at all times whilst out and about. But, if you prefer your kids running feral and possibly getting knocked down by a lorry, then you do you. I’m sure that’d make you cry harder than seeing another person’s child on reigns.



Hey kid, respect your elders and be grateful they don’t have two screaming babies. You say #havesomekids – but they do. Two cute little poodles. I’m sure they prefer them to their sulky, bratty niece.



We realise that, we realise that, WE REALISE THAT!!! STFU!



If my cat said my name 3,258 times in a day, it’d be the cutest thing ever! If a kid did the same, I’d want to rip my ears off my head. So enjoy your hell, sweetheart.



She was “discussed”, the poor thing. This long ass essay can be said in one sentence; “Dogs came to the restaurant we were at, we think dogs are dirty and beneath us so we left in DISCUSSED”. I’m sure they all cheered after your fat ass had left!!



Oh no, a company marketing their product to someone other than parents with 2.4 kids. That’s just so… SAD!!! Oh get the hell over it!



A “mangy mutt”? “But yeah lets save some dogs”… You complete arsewipe!!! Child abus is rampant is it… you know what else is rampant? Fucking animal abuse!! And there are way less laws in place to prevent it. The video he’s referencing was a video about abandoning animals, the driver takes their child out to the middle of nowhere, dumps her there and drives off. It’s to say “you wouldn’t do this to your child, so don’t do it to an animal”. How anyone could do that to an innocent animal is WAY beyond my comprehension, I’ll be honest. And this douche-nozzle has decided it’s putting down child abuse, and making dogs seem to be equal to kids. I don’t know what words I have for him really. He is probably the type that would do that to a pet just because they got bored of the animal. Absolute. Piece. Of. Shit!!!!


The last one is a long chat on the same thread on Facebook. A bunch of mummies discussing the woes of those awful pet parents trying to muscle in on THEIR Mother’s Day. How it effects them, I have literally NO idea. But the crazy ranges from basic level right up to strait jacket level! Lets see;


The instigator is K. She doesn’t like people she doesn’t know and will never meet jokingly saying that Mother’s Day is also for them. It doesn’t hurt her at all in any way whatsoever, but she likes to feel superior and laugh at these people – who actually include infertile people. Because y’know, HAHA, she can make babies and store them in her womb! C comes in to disagree, but even she is just laughed at.


She doubles down on her superiority complex here with the old “you won’t know until you have BABIES” cliche. C is my favourite here, it’s like fighting an ever growing gang though. And M comes in at the end to be an out and out bitch!!! And in the process she tells adoptive parents they’re shit too. Nice one M.


And here we have the infertile friend, who has to be feeling a bit offended right now. But K still doesn’t back down. In fact, she is basically implying J should’ve gone down the long, expensive route of adopting a human child instead of pouring that love and maternal instinct into a dog who will give her nothing but unconditional love in return. Get over yourself K!!


Ah but I IDENTIFY as a mother. lol  And why do they think we consider it to be the same? Those of us who are childfree by choice and not because we can’t have kids, made a conscious choice to have an animal and not a baby. Because we prefer animals. And yes we can call ourselves mothers to those animals.


M agrees 100 (God I hate that 100 thing). C made a funny… I think. And she lets it bother her even though she’s childless herself. If that’s not fucking ridiculous, I don’t know what is.


Whew, calm down there K! Don’t blow a gasket girl. I am glad you’re there to tell us pet parents though that there are differences. I mean, I thought it was the same – all of us with furbabies did. Damn, K, you really opened my eyes! Thank you.


Well C darling, if that’s what you think owning a dog is all about then I’m just glad you don’t have one. I haven’t owned a dog – I’m a cat person, though I love all animals – but keeping them in a crate while you go pamper yourself is being neglectful and cruel. And you’re supposed to walk dogs more than once a day, not just let them in the back yard to do their business. Anyway, technically, you could keep your sprog in a cage and make him shit outside. I mean, CPS would want to know about it, but you still could. lol


This has been long, so I’ll wrap it up for the day.

Image result for that's a wrap gif

If anyone wants to send me any screenshots to include in my Sunday Screenshots, I’d love to receive your submissions. Please email them to me at

Tomorrow for your pleasure will be Part 2 of Screenshots. Enjoy your Sunday evening, or whatever time it is in your part of the world.