Child Worship – A Sneak Peek for the Childfree

"I'm a hairdresser... it makes my heart warm helping teach children self love..."


Those Childfree Bitches – Seeing Us Through THEIR Eyes!

"Schrodinger's childfree in action - they can't make their minds up."

Neighbour’s Constantly Crying Baby? Tough Shit, Deal With It!

"Get some earplugs and fuck off. No one cares about your shitty opinions."

Their Snivelling Brat = One Physically Abused Cat

"Hope you drowned the cat, if that done that to my child it certainly won't be breathing now"

“How to Make the Childless Neighbors Regret Buying Their House” A BITCHY RESPONSE

"Agree to help your oldest take care of their cat while they are on vacation for two weeks, and then call their cell phone the day before they get home to ask when exactly they leave on their trip. And note the awful smell coming from inside their house."